How to Clean Your Cell Phone?

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26-how-to-clean-cellphoneCell phones, especially those with touchscreens, get dirty very quickly and easily. Dust, fingerprints, food stains and other unpleasant things can be found on them.

Studies have shown that cell phones are home for a greater number of more harmful bacteria than keyboard or doorknobs.

Another study has proved that infectious microbes and viruses can easily enter your body through eyes, nose and mouth.

Cleaning of your cell phone with touchscreen may seem a crazy idea at first sight, but it should be done no matter what.

The main idea in cleaning your cell phone is being gentle with it. Be careful with choosing methods and device that will be used for cleaning.

All the cloths that you will use should be soft and all the cleaners should be mild.

All kinds of wipes are designed for cleaning and disinfecting cell phones, but our experts recommend using DIY products. You may moisten a cloth with a mixture of 40% isopropyl alcohol that is available at any drug store with 60% of water. This solution will not only clean your cell phone, but it will also disinfect it easily.

There are several “Don’t” things that should be kept in mind.

1.      Don’t use a paper towel. Rough fibers can scratch the display surface. Microfiber cloth is the best one to use.

2.      Don’t use any kind of glass cleaner that contain ammonia, because these chemicals will damage an LCD display.

3.      Don’t spray water directly on your phone, just use a moisten cloth to wipe a cell phone down.

How to clean an iPod

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Have you ever dropped your iPod? If the answer is yes, then it’s a great reason to clean an iPod. But how to do it? We all know that water and technology: not a good combination. So, follow the next advices and you will bring your iPod back to life.

First of all, turn off your iPod. Then, remove the iPod cover. If you have an older model iPods, you should switch the “hold” button.

Start by cleaning the front of an iPod. It would be good to find a new microfiber cloth. Freshly washed microfiber cloth will also work. But if you washed your microfiber cloth using fabric softeners, it’s better to use a very soft paper towel instead. Fabric softeners may make the cloth leave a residue on the sleek surface of the iPod. Use your soft paper towel or dry cloth to gently wipe down the front of the iPod.

Then, take the cloth damped in warm water, and wipe down the back and sides of the iPod. Be careful not to water any ports or openings on your iPod, like those on the top and bottom. Wipe down the back and sides of an iPod. Then, take paper towel or another cloth and thoroughly dry your iPod.

Spot-clean your iPod. Take a look at the crevices and ports of your iPod. If they have collected dust, clean them. Make sure the iPod is off when you do this. Use a dry cotton swab to gently wipe down the crevices and ports. Never use alcohol or water on the cotton swab as it can damage your iPod.

When your iPod is clean, take measures to protect it by getting an iPod cover. There are many iPod covers to choose from. You can find covers just about anywhere iPods are sold: at any Apple store or an online vendor. They range from very expensive to very cheap, so you will find one that pleases your taste and budget.

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Admire your clean and organized office

On July 17, 2012, in Office area, by admin

If your office is so cluttered that you don’t know where to start when it comes to cleaning, don’t get upset. We know how to help you. First of all break down the tasks into small chunks. If you don’t want to feel overwhelmed take one chunk at a time.

Dispose of your rubbish thoughtfully. Throw away everything you don’t need anymore. Get rid of outdated information and duplicate copies. Shred any papers that contain personal information. Cut your paper pile by throwing unneeded papers away. Then, sort the remaining papers into piles. Establish a filing system. After you’ve finished sorting the papers, file each pile in the appropriate file folder. This will help you keep your office organised and de-cluttered.

Buy file folders that fit in your cabinet. Also, purchase labels for that folders. But be aware that filing your papers is only half the battle. To keep your office organized and clean you should dust and vacuum it on a regular basis. Of course not every room in your office needs to be cleaned and vacuumed everyday. But still you should keep every room clean and fresh. You can choose to hire a cleaning service to maintain your office organized and cleaned. To help the cleaning service do its job well, make sure all papers, pens and pencils are put away and all the rubbish has been thrown out.

Remember that if you want to keep your office clean, keep it organized. Before you leave at the end of the day, take the last 10 minutes to organise your desk. That way you will start the next day with a clean and fresh space.

Restaurant cleaning

On April 13, 2012, in Restaurant cleaning, by admin

Restaurant is not only a place where you eat and drink. It’s a place where you can relax and enjoy your free time with people you cherish the most. This place should offer delicious meals, reasonable prices and of course nice atmosphere. If all this you find in one place, you become a regular customer. The restaurant owners do everything possible to attract their customers. They should take into account that cleanliness plays one of the major roles in attracting customers. No one can feel comfortable in a dirty, cluttered or unorganized place. Without regular restaurant cleaning, dirt, dust, grime, and bacteria can build up in a few days. This will lead to decrease in customer visits and possible food-borne illness. To prevent these contaminants, restaurant owners should maintain cleanliness, sanitize all work surfaces, and stay organized and detail-oriented. Owners who care about reputation of their restaurant should consider hiring a restaurant cleaning service.

Depending on the area in which the restaurant is located, prices for hiring a restaurant cleaning service may very substantially. As fees for commercial cleaning services can range in price drastically, some business owners may hire cleaning services on a once or twice a month basis. In such situation, the employees of the restaurant will be responsible for the day-to-day cleaning.

At the initial visit of restaurant cleaning services, restaurant owners can discuss the needs,  requirements and prices. Restaurant owners may want to sign a contract that highlights responsibilities to avoid possible complications in the future.

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